Young Entrepreneur

The graduates on completing their well driller training positively are young entrepreneurs and according to LNW`s elaborate franchise model, they will learn how to run their own business office which they will manage and control under the supervision of European professionals. In this framework with the supervision of the European trainers the participants will learn how a company is professionally and profitably managed.

Alais Ndooki

Mr. Alias Ndooki is a young man from Arusha – Tanzania, which has started an LNW-NGO training as business manager in 2012 to found his company LNW Ltd.

His company is located in the center of Arusha - Tanzania. It was founded 2014 and will attended by LNW-NGO for a period of 5 years.

As a Director of the company he is responsible for the fact that orders come about for well drillings and the sales of solar pumps. He is therefore the contact for customers and the well drilling teams for the conversion of the well drillings and the establishment of solar pumping stations are responsible. All economic areas like the construction of written offers, marketing appearance and the guidance of a well-arranged accountancy belong to his area of responsibility after the model of the income expenses calculation. At the end of the training term Mr. Ndooki should be taken up from LNW as a franchise partner and continue his enterprise independently on own calculation.

Barnaba Joseph Sway

Barnaba Joseph Sway is the first graduate of our "Life Needs Water" training programme. On the 1 August 2013 as a LNW Electrical Engineer & Photovoltaic specialist he set up his own company BAJOS

He completed his basic training to be an electrician at the Hai Vocational Training Centre, in Hai Kilimanjaro. On completion of the course, he was invited by the well drilling specialists S & K Brunnenbohr in St Veit/Glan (Austria) to do an internship with them from June to September 2013. The goal of the trainee`s internship was to learn the basics in well drilling, carry out professional pumping tests and the installation of solar pump systems.

To assist him on a long-term basis and support him building up his own business LNW took over Barnaba Sway`s costs at the driving school enabling him to take his driving licence, and the costs for his passport and visa applications.

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Arusha, Tanzania
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