"Life needs Water" Business Group

As a future project LNW plans to unite several young entrepreneurs using a franchise model into a "Life needs Water" Water Business Group, jointly building up a network. In cooperation with the state-run vocational school VETA in Moshi  the new companies will act as future training schools and continue with the training of the new well maker apprentices and photovoltaic experts. The individual entrepreneur will be trained by LNW to the point, that they are able to prepare the entire offer and build drinking water systems and photovoltaic systems according to the European standards. It is LNW`s aim that they after a five year cycle withdraw themselves from the programme on completion of the training and the development of a proper franchise - operating system, which is able on the long-term to economically survive. With these measures the young people will be assigned the responsibility for their further professional existence  thus learning to become self-employed entrepreneurs who can afford to live a dignified life from their earnings.


The company Pumpmakers is, with their novel solarpump and unique marketing strategy a valuable LNW partner and brings water-education-work to the people in arid countries.

They provide the training for the construction of solarpumps and the platform for the first worldwide "Do-it-yourself"-solar well pump station for EVERYONE.


Celler Brunnenbau

The "Celler-Brunnenbau-Group" operates on a worldwide basis from their traditional German drilling base. Excellent Know-how combined with straightforwardness is the trademark of the international operating company.

The management offers young LNW students the possibility to do an internship in the German well-drilling company.

Under the guidance of experts from the well-drilling branch the LNW-trainees learn the craft from the beginning and are imparted with a great Know-how in Germany. This is a stable foundation for their professional life in their own country.

Lorentz Pumps

Lorentz offers synchronised waterpump systems, tracking systems and photovoltaic moduls together with the appropriate hydraulic and electronic components.

In the LNW projects the Lorentz submersible pump systems are used for the drinking water supply as well as for agricultural purposes.

At Lorentz Pumps electrical engineering LNW-students start with an internal product training and instructions for the installation of all the pump systems.




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