1. PS Schoolchildren of the Chiemgau Gymnasium - Germany +

2. PS Sigmund Lindner GmbH - Germany

Well sponsorship Kilache

Location: Kilache - Kilimanjaro District / Tanzania
Population: around 2.500 villagers & 425 schoolkids
Well sponsor: 1. PS schoolchildren of the Chiemgau Gymnasium / Traunstein - Germany + 2. PS Sigmund Lindner GmbH - Germany

The above mentioned well project is a well drilling for the water supply of three schools around HIMO in North Tanzania. The facility was
equipped with a solar pump and is currently used for the drinking water supply of the inhabitants in the surrounding villages.

Water situation: Himo is located near the town of Moshi in northern Tanzania, with a population which is slowly but steadily increasing. Due to the increasing
population, more and more water is needed in the cities, which means that the pipes in the peripheral regions remain empty. Wells dry
up and no more water flows out of the existing pipes.

LNW carried out the following project work:
* Well drilling
* Pump test after dismantling the old pump
* Well depth: 76 meters
* Pump test: upper water level: 30,20 meters
* Installation of the underwater-solar- pump

The long-term pumping test with the new pumping facility had a filling capacity of 53 liters / min. In future with this bulk capacity roughly 5500 people can be supplied with drinking water and water for their irrigation systems.

The villagers and the schoolchildren of the village school of Kilache - Kilimanjaro District would like to thank the pupils of Chiemgau
Gymnasium / Traunstein and Sigmund Lindner GmbH - Germany for their donation, for the construction of a new village well, giving many people in the region access to drinking water and water for the irrigation of their arable land! THANK YOU!

Hotel Hochfilzer in Elmau -

Well sponsorship Maveni

Location: Maveni is close to a sugar farm and is about 4 km from Moshi
Well sponsor: Sponsored by the guests of the Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau

The above-mentioned well project is a well renovation, in which the old working well was cleaned and a new GRUNDFOS pump was installed.

At a well deepness of 30 meters, two Lorenz pumps C-SJ5-8 and PS 1200, had been installed at a depth of 31.5 meters. Due to an incorrect calculation of the pipe dimension, the old pumps caused an overvoltage resulting in motor damage.

LNW carried out the following work:
* Long term pumptest
* Dismantling of the old solar pumps
* Installation of the new solar pumps
* Repair of the old connecting pipes to the individual drinking water tanks up to the center of the main village about 4 km away).

The facility was handed back to the village community in good working order and due to the high capacity of 50,000 liters daily many
people will be supplied with drinking water. The village population, led by the mayor, Mr. Leonhard MUSHI, would like to thank all the guests of
the Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau, and especially Mrs Gabriele Hochfilzer, for their support. THANK YOU!

Fam. Ganglberger Haustechnik GmbH/Alberndorf

bei Riedmark - Well sponsorship Mkuru

Sponsor: Fam. Ganglberger Haustechnik GmbH – Alberndorf bei Riedmark
Location: Arusha District ca. 2 hours north by car - next station Momella
Population: approx 3000 Massai with cows and goats

The following work was carried out on the well project:
The first survey of the facility showed that the existing old and non-functional pump was installed in a well with a deepness of 63.10 meters at a depth of
35 meters. The pump was too weakly aligned for the capacity of the well and thus was unable to pump the full amount of water out of the well.

In order to be able to calculate the maximum capacity, our team installed a high-voltage pump for carrying out the long-term pumping test.

With our heavy-duty pump in use, we took a measurement at a depth of 55 meters with 1 inch diameter hose and the upper water level was 31.22 meters. Even with further measurements at longer intervals, there was no noticeable lowering of the water level. The continual water capacity with the 1 inch diameter pipe was 40 l /min.

The pumping distance to the distant concrete tank was an additional 600 meters with a height difference of 25 meters. Our team installed a Grundfos pump of the type MSP Prod.no 96275336 which is suited for pumping over further distances with a height difference.

Knorr Bremse – Global Care Foundation -

Well sponsorship Nkongni

Project: Nkongni – Kamerun
Well-sponsor: Knorr Bremse – Global Care Foundation

The main objective of the project was primarily the construction of a drinking water supply system for the village of Nkongni East &
West and its population of approx. 5,000 people. As an extended measure, a central drinking water station was set up alongside the local
school with around 200 school children.

The entire project involved the construction of a well with two solar pump facilities from which the water is directed into the first tank. By
means of a further solar pumping facility, the drinking water is directed from the first tank to the second drinking water facility approx. 900 m away.

Thanks to the support of the Knorr Bremse Global Care Foundation, the schoolchildren and the general population of Nkongni have been given access to drinking water as the basis for a life-long life, and all the participants say THANK YOU!

Fa. Anton Welzhofer GmbH -

Well sponsorship Kabuku

Location: Kabuku - Kilimanjaro District / Tanzania
Population: approx. 3000 villagers & 225 school kids
Well sponsor: Fa. Anton Welzhofer GmbH

The above-mentioned well project is a well renovation of a well where the existing non-functional pump was removed and the system was
replaced with a new and more powerful Lorentz underwater pump.

The following work was carried out on the well:
* Pumptest after dismantling the old pump
* Well depth: 23 meters
* Pumptest: upper water level: 12,22 meters
* Installation of the new underwater pump

The long-term pumping test with the new pumping facility has a filling capacity of 37 liters / min. With this capacity, in future about 7500 people can be supplied with drinking water.

The villagers and schoolchildren of the village school of Kabuku - Kilimanjaro District would like to thank the company Anton Welzhofer
GmbH for their donation for the renovation of the old village well with which  many people in the region are given access to drinking water.

1. TP Fa. Leonhard Quelle GmbH / Fam. Abfalter -

Well Sponsorship Sinja

Location: Maasai steppe / Longido District - near Moshi Tanzania
Population: around 3000 Maasai
Well sponsor: 1. TP Fa. Leonhard Quelle GmbH Fam. Abfalter

The above-mentioned well project was a well renovation in which the old diesel non-functional pump was removed and the facility was then
equipped with a new LORENTZ solar pump.

The following work was carried out on the well project:
* Pumptest following the dismantling of the old pump
* Well depth: 63,10 meters
* Pumptest: upper water level: 31,22 Meter
* Installation of the new LORENTZ solar pump system

The long-term pumping test with the new pumping facility has a filling capacity of 24 liters / min. With this bulk capacity approximately 5000 people can be supplied with drinking water.

The Maasai of the SINJA region wish to thank the Abfalter Family for their donation for the renovation of the old village well with which the people
and the animals in the region have access to drinking water THANK YOU!

Bar - restaurant caffè latte/Vienna -

Well Sponsorship Mihungani/North-Tanzania



Total donations up to 31.12.2013: 13.572,90 Euro

caffèlatte donates 100% of its returns for a glass of water to the LNW association. This project helps
people to help themselves and aims to improve access to clean drinking water for thousands of people.
Donations go to a well project for the village Mihungani in northern Tanzania.

caffè latte gives a monthly information status of the donations and at their own expense they will be
present at the inauguration well ceremony. 

"Life needs water" would like to thank all the people involved and clients of caffelatte - Vienna for
their support.

Ms. Monika Pototschnig and Family Bruno Leu -

Well Sponsorship School Tavala

The LNW team reviewed the situation at the school in Tavala and established the need for a shaft well and a solar pumping station with a
 drinking water tank capacity of 5000 litres. The primary school is located in the Arusha District, 3 hours drive from Moshi in the direction of
Himo in the north of Tanzania near to Mt Kilimanjaro.

Besides constructing a shaft well our team also built a drinking water reservoir and laid  piping up to the school building.
With the implementation of this project the drinking water supply for 500 students and teachers could in the long term be guaranteed.

The well project Tavala school was sponsored by Ms. Monika Pototschnig and Mr. Bruno Leu in the form of a partial well sponsorship.
We wish to thank very much both Mrs. Monika Pototschnig for the well construction and the Bruno Leu family for the pumping station with
the drinking water reservoir which allows the children access to drinking water.  THANK YOU!

Organisation "Water for the World Austria"

Well Sponsorship Kongoni School

In 2014 a further well construction managed by LNW was implemented for the school of Kongoni – west Cameroon. About 5,000 people and
125 school children got access to clean drinking water with this well. The well project "School of Kongoni" was supported by the sponsors of
the organisation "Water for the World Austria" as well sponsors.

With the well construction the foundation-stone was laid for a subsequent project in that the school was provided with sanitary facilities,
wash room and a school kitchen. These measures will improve the hygiene standard at the school and at the same time prevent the
spreading of diseases thus contributing to better health of the students and teachers. 

The LNW team wishes to thank the sponsors of the organisation "Water for the World Austria" and all participants for their support!

Carinthian Provincial Government Subsidy Office

Well Sponsorship Narriva "English Medium School"

The job definition of the well project Narriva was the construction of a ring well with installation of a well head with cover, solar pump
 & controller, incl. 8 collectors with roof assembly by the company Lorentz – Germany - Pump: PS 1800 C-SJ5-12 incl. controller, 8 solar
cells with (LC185-24M) = 1480 Watt- 24 Volt. The necessary connectors were all included. The digging, provision and laying of approx. 50 m
of water piping as well as linking up the connectors to the existent 5000 litre tank. For the next two 5000 litre tanks in planning the connectors
are already provided. 

Next year the school will be provided with two further 5,000 litres drinking water tanks so that the water supply for the boarders toilets and
wash rooms can be assured on the long term.

We wish to thank the Carinthian Provincial Government Subsidy Office for taking on this well sponsorship and for their immense support. 

Youth Group Upper Austria

Well Sponsorship Markumira School

It was necessary to dismantle the complete non-functional well system incl. pump and piping. The new low voltage pump "Elpumps"
BP 3/3, 230 watt, max. 2,500l/h, max. pumping head 57m, incl. plastic pipe, with well mouth, controller, overload protection, wiring and
electrical connectors were
installed and connected to the mains supply.

The connection to the existing drinking water tank was set up by the school management itself following a check of the water quality. For
the 887 students in the hostel, the water desperately needed for washing and cleaning can in the future be supplied from the new tank
and the renovated well system. 

We wish to thank all the participants of the country Youth Group Upper Austria managed by Mr. Daniel Aichinger for taking on the well
sponsorship Markumira and for their tremendous support. THANK YOU!

Water Event St. Veit/Glan

Well Sponsorship Mfade

In 2010 a charity event was organised in "Life needs Water" hometown St Veit an der Glan in Austria by numerous artists. 

The net proceeds were used for the construction of a drinking water well in Mfade - Cameroon. The population of Cameroon thanks all the
 guests at the event for their support and the new well! THANKS...

HAK St. Pölten -

Well Sponsorship Nkadip

The village Nkadip lies approx. 2 hours drive to the north of the capital Yaounde in a very remote area.

In some villages there is water available from a drinking water well with hand pumps and other villages again only have water holes which
are scantily covered with boards.

With the HAK St. Pölten`s  students relief operation it was possible to construct a new drinking water well for about 250 students in the
school and the villagers in Nkadip! THANKS...


Well Sponsorship Loiborsoit

The region of Loiborsoit is an area with a radius of approx. 30 km where about 10.000 people live in mucky huts. In the centre of the region
there was only one 10 year-old drinking water well with a depth of 120 metres.

The water from the well was pumped with a generator into a water tank  which not only incurred running costs but above all resulted in
high costs.

With the support of the Soroptimist-Group Wels managed by Mrs. Renate Pyrker and Mr. Dieter Grünberger it was possible to construct a
new well with solarpump.

In 2013 the new well was handed over to the people in the presence of the sponsor's representatives. THANKS...

Berga Family from Sweden

Well Sponsorship Mabuko

In cooperation with the organisation "World Vision" our LNW-Team constructed a drinking water system with solar energy for the Mabuku
area in Mozambique.

The village population were dependent on an outdated pump system with a diesel motor which could only scantily cover the drinking water
supply of about 5.000 people in the area.

Together with the members of World Vision, the LNW team constructed a new solar pump system with a 5.000 litres tank. 

In January 2012 the new facility was handed over to the NGO and the village people in a water ceremony. 

The people of Mabuko wish to thank the sponsors  the Berga family from Sweden for their tremendous support!   THANKS...

Water engineers Austria -

Well Sponsorship Hai Vocational Technical Centre Moshi

In December 2011 on his 50th birthday Dr. Heinz Stiefelmeyer took on the well sponsorship for the well project HAI Vocational Training

The colleagues of the federal water construction management-life department in Austria, as well as numerous friends, financed the
construction of the well in the HAI Vocational training centre in Tanzania in the form of birthday donations.

In September 2013 the well was handed over to the school principal Ms. Kammleitner in presence of Dr. Stiefelmeyer.

Dr. Heinz Stiefelmeyer`s personal motto is:
"Don`t go where the path may lead, but there, where there is no path and leave traces"

LNW wishes to thank all parties involved for their support and the water track which they have left in HAI! THANKS...

Wagentrotz Family

Agricultural Project Babomge - Kilimanjaro

Under the direction of Mr. Dirk Wagentrotz a deep well was drilled by the drilling company Watersolution in the area Bogomgombe (near
Kilimanjaro airport) for the operation of an agrarian school in the HAI Technical centre. The well shows a high water volume and is therefore
an ideal base for the operation of irrigation systems for the cultivation of vegetables and plants.

With the implementation of the well project the construction of the planned HAI training centre for agriculture could be assured and thus
for many young people a traineeship could be facilitated. LNW wishes to thank the Wagentrotz family from Switzerland for their support
 with which the LNW project "Water-Education-Work" could be used! THANKS...

REWE Niederbayern -

Well Sponsorship Kadesche

In 2013 the new company BAJOS independently managed by Barnaba Sway and Mangaya Elias built a well for the village of Kadesche for
the association "Life needs Water".

At the beginning of January 2014 the new drinking water well with solar pump system was officially handed over to the village community
of Kadesche, in attendance were Dustin Kühn and Tobias Merzbach of REWE Niederbayern.

The children and villagers of Kadesche wish to thank all partners of the REWE campaign for the access to clean drinking water! THANKS...

Engineers Office Hausmann & Rieger

Well Sponsorship School Mvulen

Area- Mabogini - Region Kabuku

Construction of a ring-well together with the assembly of a solarpump with the necessary controllers, incl. 3 collectors with assembly on the
roof - Firm Lorentz - Germany 
Pump: PS 1200 C with the necessary connectors. Construction of a water tower  approx. 3,5 m in height, procurement and installation of a
5.000 litre tank. Digging, supply and laying of approx. 100 m of water piping as well as installation of the connections for the kitchen,
 standpipe in the school playground and the connection to the existing 3,000 litre tank for the villagers.

The management of the Engineers Office Partnership Hausmann & Rieger from Buch am Erlbach has agreed to take over the well sponsorship
for Kabuku.

With the well construction approx. 10,000 people receive access to clean water and  furthermore the chance of living a better life in their
home country.

Company ZT-Office Paikl, Mr. DI Franz Paikl -

Partial Well Sponsorship Kadesche

Mr. Paikl agreed with his company to take over a partial well sponsorship for the well project Kadesche in Northern Tanzania.

With the help of Mr Paikl the realisation the well project became possible, made the childrens`lives substantially easier, as the children of
the surrounding villages initially were coming with their donkeys to the stand pipes.

LNW wishes to thank the management and employees of the ZT-office Paikl for their support! THANKS...

BAKIP, FW a. HLWA Mistelbach -

Partial Well Sponsorship Kadesche

The students and teachers of the BAKIP, FW and HLWA Mistelbach organised a healthy school refreshment bar for the realisation of a well
project in the Kilimanjaro District Northern Tanzania.  

The construction of the drinking water well and the solar pump system gave 5.000 people access to clean drinking water.

The children of Kadesche wish to thank all students for their commitment at the exemplary school event in Mistelbach! THANKS...

 Donaction account USA: „Life needs Water“ Inc. Bank of America Ko. Nr. 446029119895
 Donation account Austria: Kärntner Sparkasse IBAN AT382070604400XXXXXX BIC KSPKAT2K
 Donation account Germany: Sparkasse Bad Tölz–Wolfratshausen IBAN DE587005430600XXXXXXXX BIC BYLADEM1WOR