Water for Plants


“Every Schoolchild plants a Tree”

“Life needs Water” is an international non-profit organization that has specialized in the construction of drinking water wells.  Besides the provision of water, the team also campaigns in Tanzania for a better environment and protection of the climate as for them the availability of water constitutes an important part.  Besides drinking water to live the people in Africa need an intact ecosystem where mother earth is treated with respect and protected.  Every tree which is planted by the school children will play a vital role in the environment and protection of the climate in the country. The LNW wells are generally built close to the school childrens` schools, who in turn as children will learn how important it is not only to take trees and plants from Mother Nature but by planting trees also partially giving back, so that the ecological balance in the region on the long-term remains intact. Following the forestation of the Serengeti, we also fund the planting of fructifying trees which will provide the women and children with food and an income.

In our planned training programme “Every Schoolchild plants a Tree” young women and children under the guidance of AGRAR experts will learn the basics about arable farming and arboriculture thus with water – education – work securing themselves a worthy living in their country.


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