LNW - Well drilling expert

Conditions of admission to the training course

Positive conclusion of the apprenticeship as a metalworker or welder at the nationally approved training school Hai Vocational Training Center


Educational content

* Theoretical & practical expertise in well drilling techniques

* Knowledge of different drilling methods

* Geology & mineralogy

* Service of machines & maintenance

* Generate drilling profiles

* Execution of long term pump tests

Practical training follows for the installation of drilled wells up to a depth of roughly 300 meters. The bore holes are implemented with a diameter of 180 mm to 300 mm and the installation pipes, which are used, have a diameter of 90 mm - 200 mm. Filter pipes are placed on the height of the water-bearing level and the ringarea is filled with quartz gravel. To prevent the intrusion of surface water, the well is plugged with a clay seal.

On completion of the well drilling work,  an underwater pump with the necessary efficiency and output is installed and with a long-term pumping test the water quantity available in the drilled well will be determined.

On conclusion of the drilling work a professional drilling profile is compiled for the governmental board which gives specific information about the condition of the soil.

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