LNW Photovoltaic & Pump expert


Conditions of admission to the training course

Positive conclusion of the apprenticeship as an electrician at the nationally approved training school VETA-Vocational Educational Training Center or VETA Moshi.


Educational content

Training for the installation of solar pump constructions, which are run on solar energy.

* theoretical expertise in solar technology

* realisation of pumping tests

* operation & maintenance of solar pump constructions

* installation of solar moduls

* installation of photovoltaic constructions to produce electricity


On completion of their basic training the best students on the course will have the possibility of doing a further special training in solar pump technology for the installation of solar pumps manufactured by the company Pumpmakers.  These solar pumps have been especially developed for the transportation of water from wells for animals.

Products in the solar and photovoltaic energy sector, especially in Africa, have a higher significance, due to the long hours of sunshine each day around the regions of the equator. This eco-friendly form of energy is an ideal and cost-efficient alternative to the diesel powered unit.

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