LNW Mason & Plumber

Apprenticeship for mason and plumber

Conditions of admission to the training course

Positive conclusion of the apprenticeship as a mason at the officially recognised school VETA-Vocational Educational Training Center or VETA Moshi

Training content

The training for the concrete formwork mason consists of a theoretical part and a practical project. In the first modul the participants learn the theoretical expertise  for example:

* planning and implementation of buildings

* static calculation of sewage treatment plants

* knowledge of water supply and sanitary facilities

* hygiene and environmental standards


In the practical training part the participants learn how to construct a hand-dug well with a depth of 10 metres. 

Important elements of the practical training are:

* construction of school buildings with sanitary facilities

* building of organic sewage treatment plants

* building of concrete drinking water reservoirs & rainwater retention basins 

* renovation of old wells & spring tappings


On conclusion of the training the participants should independently be able to plan and calculate the construction. It is LNW`s aim with this project to construct school buildings with kitchens and sanitary facilities, so that school children in Tanzania have  access to water & sanitary facilities.

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