Basic Education

As a foundation for their training at the Maji Ni Uhai Campus of Water Technology the participants are given basic training in one of the
trades i.e. mason, electrician, locksmith, mechanic or plumber in a state-approved vocational school in Tanzania. The successful completion
of the training in any of these professions is the basic requirement for the admission to the well drilling training programme in Maji Ni Uhai
Campus of Water Technology in Tanzania.

Job description

To complete the well driller training it is a prerequisite as a bricklayer to have the basic knowledge of building masonry ring wells and water
storage facilities. 

The job of an electrician provides a basis for further training as a pump and photovoltaic specialist and is an important part of the training
concept. Another important key aspect is the acquirement of knowledge to produce current with the power of the sun.

A completed apprenticeship as a locksmith or welder is a requirement for training as a Well Driller. The drilling of deep wells with well drilling
machines is one of the main tasks in this profession. Further basic knowledge in mechanical engineering is required so that if necessary they
are independently able to execute minor repairs and maintenance on the equipment.

Before the start of vocational training in the state-approved schools, candidates have to pass an entrance examination.





Our partner for education

Hai Vocational Training Centre - Moshi

(State-Approved Vocational School for Trades in Tanzania)

Director: Mrs Kammleiter
Educational Director: Mr Kammleiter

The Training Centre Hai Vocational Training Center is a nationally recognized
vocational school for trades such as masonry, mechanics, electricians, carpenters,
and office clerks. The village of Hai is located directly under Mt Kilimanjaro at  Moshi
Road between Moshi and Usa River. The training centre accommodates around 500
students who in the boarding school aside from their school education receive both 
board and lodging.

VETA – Vocational Educational and
Training Authority

(State-Approved Vocational School in Tanzania) 

Administrator: General director Mr. Zebadiah Stephano Moshi

Responsible for the theoretical part of the LBW training to be Well Drillers.

The goal of the training in the VETA (EFE) project in Tanzania is the training of a globally
competitive workforce for the industry through collaboration with the Department of
Technical Education within the Ministry of Education and the vocational training
authority. The LNW well driller training project is actively supported by the management
and will in the future also be officially recognised by the government in Tanzania.

VETA Head Office
P. O. BOX 2849,
Dar es Salaam
Tel: +255 22 2863683
Fax: +255 22 2863408

The next training starts in January 2015 and finishes in February 2017. 

The Stefano Moshi Memorial University
College (SMMUCo)

Stefano Moshi Memorial University College
Box 881
Moshi — Kilimanjaro
Tanzania — East Africa
Tel: +255 27 2757070/1 oder +255 27 2753720
Fax: + 255 27 2757880 oder + 255 27 2753720

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