Marion Lauchart - Association Manager

I got to know Gabriele Stuck and LNW "Life needs Water" in February 2016. Straightaway I was thrilled with the idea and convinced that the water projects would be implemented in a sustainable and philanthropic way. With commitment, perseverance & humanity, I would now like to be active as an association leader.  My international experience, numerous ideas and a great network will stand me.

In addition, it is an honor for me to work together with the many, interesting people who for years have been active with LNW's "Life needs Water". We want to give people in countries with water scarcity the opportunity to improve their livelihood.

I am a company consultant & coach, mother of a 5 year old daughter, partner of a wonderful man, sportswoman, dog owner ... I do a lot of different things, have many different roles - but no matter what I do, I do it with all my heart. This is my philosophy of life - and in this way I would also like to support the association LNW "Life needs Water".

Sabrina Grießer-Stuck - Office-Assistant

My name is Sabrina Grießer-Stuck, I am a bank employee, mother of a 2 ½ year old daughter and live with my husband and my daughter in Meiselding.

In addition to my part-time employment in the bank, I support the association, manage donations and am responsible for various office activities. In my free time I like to do a lot of things with my family and one of my hobbies is music, I've been playing clarinet since I was 10 years old and play in a music band.

I came to the association "Life needs Water" through my aunt Gabriele Stuck, she asked me if I would be interested in helping with projects for countries with water scarcity and now I have been working for the association since 2016. I enjoy the work and I am looking forward to continue supporting the association

Gaby Stuck - Project Management - Africa

As the head of our family business, we have been successfully working on the construction of drinking water and service water systems in Europe for more than 20 years. In order for projects of Life Needs Water in Africa to be implemented in the long term and sustainably, we believe that education is the key to success.

As a Carinthian water ambassador, I actively support the implementation of our training projects by well - makers and photovoltaic specialists, giving young Africans a chance to WATER - LIFE - EDUCATION and WORK.

With this model, we can start the cycle out of poverty and give young people in Africa the chance of a self-determined life in their own country.

 Donaction account USA: „Life needs Water“ Inc. Bank of America Ko. Nr. 446029119895
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