„Life needs Water“ President - Alais Ndooki Laizer

I joined the international relief organization “Life needs water” (LNW) so that through my commitment and help, I can improve the existence of the people in Africa through them having access to clean drinking water, and secondly enhance their quality of life.

I live in Arusha – Tanzania, and have started an LNW-NGO training as business manager in 2012 to found my company LNW Ltd.

The company is located in the center of Arusha - Tanzania. It was founded 2014 and will attended by LNW-NGO for a period of 5 years.


"Life Needs Water" Treasurer - Hellena Nessary

Approximately one billion people on earth do not have direct access to potable water. In order to procure their daily water ration to residents issued in water-scarce areas on kilometer long, arduous and often dangerous marches.

With "Life needs water" I want to participate, so drinking water projects in these areas are successfully realized. I want to help to enable these poorest people access to "potable" water or facilitate..

„Life needs Water“ Secretary - Baptista Kiwango

My life in Tanzania opened my eyes to the importance of access to clean and safe water, as well as appropriate sanitation facilities.

I am thrilled and honored to become a member of the LNW team. I look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the lives of people in Africa by improving their access to potable water and water management in general.

LNW's innovative, simple and sustainable approach to harnessing solar energy through photovoltaics holds great promise for tackling the water crisis of many African communities.

"Life needs Water" strives to put proper water supplies and sanitation in place. I am proud to be part of this endeavor which will empower many communities in the developing world to create a dignified and prosperous future. This must be a common goal in our global world.

 Donaction account USA: „Life needs Water“ Inc. Bank of America Ko. Nr. 446029119895
 Donation account Austria: Kärntner Sparkasse IBAN AT382070604400XXXXXX BIC KSPKAT2K
 Donation account Germany: Sparkasse Bad Tölz–Wolfratshausen IBAN DE587005430600XXXXXXXX BIC BYLADEM1WOR