1. Chairman Hans Sanktjohanser

Whilst on a trip to Cameroon for an LNW project, I personally got an impression of the prevailing water situation. I know now how important the work of "Life needs water" is for the people of countries with water scarcity. The responsible use of resources and donations in the implementation of projects is for me as chairman of LNW a top priority. If I can assist anywhere then with both hands as I like helping actively with the well construction. Basically, I am of the opinion that all of us here on this continent, everyone can and should make a small contribution to those whose basic requirements can not be satisfied, regardless of origin or religion. 

2. Chairwoman Renate Pyrker

Water is the foundation of life, it is the basis for work and also for the LNW organisation who with their ​​work in Africa "help people help themselves".  For years I have been an Africa fan and as a regular visitor to Kenya and Tanzania, on our trips together with my husband Dieter Grunberger I could personally experience the population`s real needs, namely, water shortage and lack of good water quality. There could`nt be a better feeling than to see their joy and euphoria seeing the first jet of water coming out of a new well.

1. Co-Chairman Berend Lange

Through my numerous years abroad I am very conscious of the need of drinking water in African countries. Consequently, I am very willing to be an honorary LNW member and to take on the translation work from German into English within the organization. It is my personal wish to support and organise the association's activities and with my knowledge as a translator & interpreter I`m at their disposal in a honorary capacity. With my contribution, for me it`s possible, to improve the world a little bit.

2. Co-Chairman Tobias Lauer

My job is electrical engineer, I work as a project manager in a world-renowned photovoltaic group in the field of energy produced from the solar power. As an expert of Solar & Photovoltaic energy I am willing to share my professional knowledge to young trainees in the LNW-Education project, so that young people in Africa get the chance to get to know this new technology. With my contribution the participants are taught how to use the power of the sun to generate electricity.

3. Co-Chairman Dieter Grünberger

I just want to work together with my wife Renate Pyrker to improve these unbelievable living circumstances and with our joint contribution help people to help themselves. In our affluent countries with the numerous activities we want to assist the initiator of "Life needs water", Gabriele Stuck, encouraging people in our abundant water region, to join in and to help to make the lives of people in the arid regions worth living. Together we can do it!

Secretary Annika Großhans

In 2013 I was in Tanzania for the first time as a volunteer and worked in an orphanage. I personally experienced the conditions caused by a poor drinking water supply. It goes without saying that as a board member, and as a student of AGRA science I use my acquired knowledge and participate actively in the positive implementation of LNW well projects. In Africa there is, especially in the country, a large demand for well drillings to supply drinking water. Therefore I am personally willing with LNW to assist in the implementation of drinking water and irrigation systems, and thus improve the lives of many people.

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