Representative Mag. Gudrun Dörflinger-Juritsch

As a LNW board member and author of the book "Life Needs Water" I also see myself as a bridge builder between two worlds. My motto is "rich in water helps water poor" and should provide a positive dialogue between black and white. In Europe, for us access to clean drinking water is taken for granted, however in the countries with water scarcity it is always a fight for survival. With my honorary activity for LNW I want to make my contribution for a better world, so that in the future children must not dig in the bare earth for water.

Co-Representative. Oliver Hönigsberger

It is my personal concern as a LNW board member to actively make a contribution, so that people in countries with water scarcity will receive the access to clean drinking water. I am honoured to be active for "Life needs Water" and very pleased that I can play a part with my specialist knowledge as an electrical engineering engineer in the training project for skilled photovoltaic trainees.  In the long term only young people with a high-standard professional training will be able to set up their own company and economically manage this.

Treasurer Bruno Valent

Through my collaboration with LNW I would like to achieve that the significance and commitment to having drinking water is increased. Furthermore, the people in water abundant countries should be more conscious that drinking water needs to be protected by every individual. As an accountant in our company "Kampitsch & Partner Tax Advisory Ltd" we are happy to be associated with LNW, and to accomplish free of charge all accounting and consultancy services. This service is our contribution to the positive implementation of well projects with which we help children in Africa to have access to clean drinking water.

Secretary Manfred Felsberger

In our lives we take clean water for daily use for granted. Nearly 1 billion people on this earth have no direct access to clean drinking water.  The people living in arid regions often have to walk for miles on arduous and dangerous stretches to obtain their daily water ration.  With "Life needs Water" I would like to contribute, so that drinking water projects are successfully implemented in these areas. I want to help and make it easier for these poor people to gain access to "potable" water.

Co-Secretary Stv. Ing. Christian Grünwald

With my professional experience in the field of water management and hydrology I want to contribute usefully to the success of the association's activities in the LNW-team. As a board member I am committed to actively helping people living in water-scarce areas to allow them live a decent life. The focus of my volunteer work at LNW relates to the preparation of public funding proposals for the implementation of various drinking water projects in Africa and is therefore my personal contribution to the success at LNW.

Mr. Kaiser

As a specialist for accounting, I am glad to contribute my knowledge in the preparation of the annual reports and the LNW annual accounts. On my travels abroad, I personally got to know the water situation in low-water countries and realized how valuable the water resource is for people in developing countries. It is therefore a special concern for me as a member of the Management Board at LNW e. V. to help people in water poor countries to access clean drinking water. With the construction of drinking water fountains in combination of education & work, our organization LNW Int. In Africa for many people the foundation stone to a better life.

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