Gabriele Stuck - LNW - Program Manager

In my capacity as Water Ambassador to Austria and LNW - Program Manager, I personally campaign for the realisation of our LNW Apprenticeship Training Projects for Well Drillers and Photovoltaic specialists. Education is the key to success. Hence it is our priority to provide education and work to the people in Africa together with access to clean drinking water. At our events and lectures we like to present ourselves as bridge-builders between countries with water abundance and arid countries, thus setting a sign of solidarity. The funding for the well construction is procured by our organization by holding various events. Our LNW friends are continuously organizing projects; as sponsors they supervise the well construction. Together we are able to make a valuable contribution to the livelihoods of the people in Africa, who without our help would never have access to drinking water and sanitary facilities nor would they have a chance of living a better life in their own country.

The association LNW "Life needs water" is an aid relief organisation which has specialised in the construction of drinking water wells in arid regions. In these arid regions our team faces the challenge of realising well projects in rural areas. Together with assistance from local companies the access to clean water, which is vital, for the village inhabitants will be facilitated. A further LNW goal is to provide a special apprenticeship scheme to enable young Africans to train to be well drillers and solar pump technicians. With our LNW-programme they not only receive the access to clean drinking water but also a professional training and an income to enable them to live a humane life in their own country.

The LNW members who organise and supervise these projects are dynamic and motivated people who work on a honorary basis, render assistance, act in a non-profit orientated manner. LNW members decide on the projects free from any political influences and lobby for all races equally regardless of their cultures and religions. 

In cooperation with the Austrian company PM Pumpmakers GmbH - www.pumpmakers.com - we are currently developing a special business model for our LNW trainees according to a well thought out franchise model. This for them will be the door to self-employment in their own company.

 Donaction account USA: „Life needs Water“ Inc. Bank of America Ko. Nr. 446029119895
 Donation account Austria: Kärntner Sparkasse IBAN AT382070604400431575 BIC KSPKAT2K
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