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Thank you for everyones individual commitment. Only together we are strong!

"Kunst und Kultur an der Kirche" in Illingen

The children's and youth art school in the heart of the Saarland shows a heart and wants to draw water from a well with creative powers. The wealth of ideas and imagination are bundled to the goal of transporting vital energy to Africa.

So what does this have to do with art and an art school?
Since its founding in 2004 the art school "Arts and culture at the church" in Illingen has been supporting projects. With "terre des hommes" in 2012 banners were taken to Rio de Janeiro to the environmental summit, or "25 years of children's rights" initiated several actions and exhibitions. Sustainability and recycling are always the focus of the projects. So it was`nt by accident that this time the topic was "water" and we discovered the aid relief organization "Life needs water". To enable us to implement a well sponsorship, the project will consist of several pillars.

We will begin with recycling bottles, which will be distributed as donation containers to a large number of partners. Collected water containers will be painted with African motifs, filled with soil and planted. In campaigns in Saarland these will appeal for donations and with painted pictures to finally win a donation contribution at an auction.

We hope that we will achieve our goal and invite you to visit our homepage www.kunstkuki.de. Here we will report weekly on the realization points and there will be a lot of photos to be seen.

Please help - thank you!

PRA!SE, the church-band

In 2004, a group of young people began to form in our parish of Hofbieber, district of Fulda, who wanted to enrich their worship services with their musical skills. New music was accompanied with instruments and singing in a special way. What was at first a kind of schola soon grew into a real church band. Guitars, violins, transverse flutes, saxophone, percussion and singing formed a special frame in a very varied way.

Soon the idea was born not only to attend church services, but also to organize their own concerts to present the wonderful variety of musical possibilities and ideas. These concerts were held under the motto "TIME FOR JESUS". The donation funds given during these performances were initially given to charitable institutions, such as, for example, Children's hobbies. Somehow the idea was in the room to create something permanent with such money.

The idea to co-finance a life-giving fountain quickly attracted enthusiasm, and from this point onwards, we collected specifically for this project.

"Life needs water" convinced us and with this intention in the background, a great deal of time, care and enthusiasm were put into the making of music. The willingness to donate within the group and the generosity of the people who have attended our concerts has been tremendous and is a great sign of attachment.

At the end of 2015 our last concert took place. With these last donations, the sum of Euro 5.000,-- could be completed, which we gladly make available to needy people in another continent with a joyous heart of the organization "Life needs water".

I, as the leader of PRAISE, am deeply grateful for this time and the commitment of my great group, and we all like to thank the people who are with us (whether through common music, support in whatever form and as an inclined audience) this donation campaign have made possible.

Meggi Klüber and PRA!SE

Enactus Germany - Project "Soap Star"

We are student group at the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany, involved in the organization Enactus Germany. Enactus is an international non-profit organization enabling students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Guided by instructors and supported by business leaders, we students take the kind of entrepreneurial approach that empowers people to be a part of their own success. Enactus teams are active in 36 countries worldwide, at 1700 universities with 69,000 students.

Recently, we have founded our project “Soap Star”. We want to improve the financial situation of Maasai women in the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania, because unfortunately 47% of the Tanzanians are forced to survive on less than 1,90 USD per day (Source: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)! By starting their own soap business, the importance of hygiene for health should become more apparent and as a consequence, the rapid spread of diseases, such as diarrhoea, shall be embanked to some extent. With our cooperation partner Life-Needs-Water, who is active in this region, we want to empower locals to make soap on their own and sell it on local markets.

At first, we will send some bars of soap to Tanzania and carry out a market research, after that some team members will fly to the region and teach the Maasai women how to produce soap on their own and emphasize the connection between soap and health. We found a sustainable, secure and cheap way to produce soap out of organic waste, for example out of banana peels. Traditional Maasai herbs shall be added to create a unique product. After the process of soap hardening, the Maasai will sell them on local and tourism markets and in the lodges to generate an income. Finally, when the business is going well, more Maasai women will participate through a “train-the-trainer programme“ to give more women the opportunity to benefit from the hygienic knowledge and the soap production.

Contact: Rabea.schmitt@rub.enactus.de
For more information about our organization look at: enactus.de

Maya Hopkins - Charity Action

On 1st of October 2016 I, Maya Hopkins, organized my first charity event to collect donations for a well construction in Africa. On the spot was Mr. Manfred Felsberger, who gave a very informative talk about the organization. They also learned the basic nutritional knowledge of Deniz Bozkurt, the owner of the One More Fitnessstudio, and he also commented on the importance of water!

Ramón Koehler then ended the evening with a motivation speech, which I think no one will forget. He talked about the question "why?" And the topic "simply doing something".

At the end, the guests were invited to order drinks and beverages. The donation campaign has now started on 1st of October to 1st of November and a total of Euro 725,-- has already been received.

It was an incredible and unforgettable experience for me, which I will definitely repeat again!

Alexander-von-Humboldtgymnasium Konstanz - Well project

The well project began about 6 years ago. The then SMV (pupil-co-responsibility) wanted to "look over the box" together with the former connection teacher Mrs. Fischer and had the idea to take over a well sponsorship. In numerous campaigns (selling water drops, sponsorship, etc.) the students already collected a considerable sum - but not enough to be able to take over such a sponsorship. Even then, Mrs Fischer was in contact with the organization "life needs water". There was already a meeting in Constance.

For some years, the project "well sponsorship" was no longer pursued, until last year the desire for continuation came out of the school..

On Saturday, July 9th 2016, the sponsor's race organized by the Fountain and Sports Committee of SMV together with Mrs. Merkt took place. This time specifically for the project in Lunga Lunga.

In the organization team: Julia Martin, Vittoria Duffner unterstütz durch Vicky Francke

Our caretaker Mr. Schroff runs from the first minute to the last minute (22 rounds, almost 31 km!). A further 60 well-behaved pupils, parents and teachers paid sponsorship fees in the amount of Euro 4,500. Annkathrin and Lucie counted the laps for each runner for water. Water for the runners was also provided on this very warm day. Our schoolmembers were prepared for all cases, but fortunately they were not needed.

On 08.11.16 we proudly handed over Euro 10.000,-- to Mrs. Stuck and to "life needs water".

We are delighted to be the sponsor of the project in Lunga Lunga!

Visionary Eyecatcha - Ebru Özyürek

Be your own fame & SHINE ON!

VISIONARY EYECATCHA is neither a model nor an art form. The connection consists of the creative bandwidth, which can be registered in no guidelines, but takes place outside the box.

The designer and the visionary behind it, Ebru Özyürek, is therefore called Creative Inspector. Whether production in styling / photography, Reconstructing Design also known as Costumzing or opulent staged fashion, each piece and each part is produced with particular dedication.

The essential durability in the merging of these creative scenarios consists of optical brilliance, visual fine-tuning and hand-finished design work. Exclusive feature: Karma couture, the first Fairtrade collection in the form of Basecaps "Holy Covers" was designed.

Oriental influences, ecological production process with unique jewelery, determine the design pieces. Tradition of the wearer: inspiration and values, from design to production everything is done in Berlin.

Holymission: Be your own fame & SHINE ON! Reflection is perfection.






2 Roadrunners on Tour

We, the two Roadrunners Markus & Heidi are also helping, as every drop counts!
A short extract from the two Roadrunners travel report...

Day by day we are drawing closer to our next big goal. The town of Moshi at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro was always a fixed point for us on our journey. Life needs Water has its office here in Tanzania and we wanted to see with our own eyes, what happens with the donors` money and what it`s used for.

Much to our amazement the patron of “Life needs Water” Gaby Stuck from Austria had organized a big reception for us. We weren`t half astonished when a motor-car cavalcade with a huge stereo system and DJ was waiting on us in front of our hotel. We rode our bicycles in a cavalcade through the town accompanied by loud music, the DJ`s moderation about us and Life needs Water. This doesn`t happen in Moshi every day and the people were looking rather astounded when we flashed through the town`s streets with all the pomp and fanfare.

Afterwards in a big ceremony with speeches and thankyou`s we were given the traditional Maasai dress or better said it was wrapped around us, before we headed for the tasty buffet.

We didn`t expect any of this as we didn`t do anything special other than on our journey we made people aware of Life needs Water. More thanks go to the donors and we would have been more than happy to have them here with us in Moshi to celebrate.

We spent the next three days visiting several projects in the vicinity and saw that the money was being put to good use and that the people were really being helped. Whether it was in different schools or in remote villages the people now have access to clean drinking water.

Just seeing the children`s eyes glistening reassures us that we are supporting the right organization and will also continue to do so. It`s still difficult for us to understand, although we see it day in day out, things are different not like at home to have water 24/7, 365 days a year.

Try it! Doing without water for a whole day and you will realize how privileged we are. Each time you turn on the tap, remember that at the same time someone at the other end of the world has to walk several kilometers with a canister in his hand or on his head to fetch just a couple of liters of water to use, spread out over the whole day. The small children struggling with the heavy cans are worst off, we would love to stop and help each one dragging the canister home. That`s taken for granted.

It`s fantastic that there are organizations like Life needs Water who are actively involved in improving these living conditions. We are proud that we can also contribute and help the people to live a better life.

© 2Roadrunners

Youth Organisation Upper Austria - The longest snack board

"Youth organisation eats - with heart and soul!" - this is Upper Austria`s Youth organisation`s main topic of interest for 2014. This year the youth-groups organised more than 100 projects in the whole of Upper Austria to make people conscious of their nutrition.

On the 7th of September 2014 the highlight took place at the Autumn fair in Wels. Each group formed, suited to their project, a snack board a metre long, so that altogether they made up the longest snack board in Upper Austria.

Furthermore the youth organisation on their stand made loads of publicity for "Life Needs Water" for which we are very grateful.

Brucknergymnasium Wels - Jewellery from garbage

For nearly 7 years this special project has been running in the Brucknergymnasium in Wels...

Students from first to seventh class have together been producing pieces of jewellery. The jewellery is mostly made from recycling materials, for example tin can fastenings, but also from various material donations from students, teachers and companies.

The production is done on a voluntary basis and in their spare time, for example, in the longer breaks or in free periods.

Part of the proceeds from the Welser Autumn fair were donated to the LNW association for a well project.

LNW thanks for their support.

Welser Fair - Hall of Nations

From 03. - 07. September 2014 the LNW association was represented by Mrs. Gabriele Stuck at the Autumn fair in Wels in the Hall of Nations to draw attention to the water poverty in Africa.

In the Hall of Nations it was possible for the visitors to enjoy African specialities, cocktails, fashion, jewellery, bags, pictures and thus supporting a well project under the patronage of "Life Needs Water".

We thank all contributors for the support!

Klaus Krobath & Art of Pickering

A special highlight at the Charity Event "Wels for Africa" in July 2014 was a painting, a canvas of 6 x 1/2 metres which evolved from a painting challenge between Klaus Krobath and Art of Pickering.

This painting is now for sale. The proceeds from the sale will be given to a LNW well project.

LNW thanks for the support!

Youth Organisation District Grieskirchen

In 2014/2015 the Youth Organisation from the district of Grieskirchen is planning a project, with which they aim to build a well in Africa. To collect donations  small, selfmade table wells are being put up in the whole district. The 100 savings boxes needed for the project were generously donated by the Raiffeisenbank Waizenkirchen.

LNW wishes to thank them very much for their support!

Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser

"We don't only donate- we also live for it", so Ms. Ingrid Hochfilzer - Manager of the Hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau.

The picture shows Ms. Hochfilzer in front of a stream in the natural reserve "Wilder Kaiser".

LNW says thanks for the support!

Herbert Winstanley

During his stay at the Hotel Hochfilzer Mr. Herbert Winstanley from Great Britain was also involved with "Life needs Water" and was only too glad to make a donation.

Quote: Mr. Winstanley: "I am pleased to have donated once again for something which is well foundedl!"

LNW thanks him very much for his support!

Primary School St. Peter in Ellbögen, Tirol

The children in first and second class at the primary school in St. Peter/Ellbögen/Tirol collected money as part of the project week on the theme "Water"and  are more than happy to donate €100 and support the LNW life-saving well.

"We find it really cool that your company builds wells in Africa so that in the future people have clean drinking water." one of the school children said.

LNW is grateful for the active support!


Max and Heidi are cycling around the world. They set off on April 1st 2013.  To warm up for this project, from 2007 - 2008 they cycled from Alaska to Ushuaia, of course with the bike.

Since they are not doing the whole thing just for "fun", they want to do a good turn and support "Life Needs Water" with donations. Each stage of their trip can be" bought", and it will benefit LNW 100%.

Thank you for your support and we wish you a good trip!

More information about the itinerary can be found here

Hotel Amerika Holzer - Klopeiner See

With every night you spend at Hotel "Amerika Holzer" at the Klopeiner See , you support the association LNW.

Quote: Mr. Michael Samer: "We, here at a lake with drinking water quality are pleased to be able to facilitate that people have access to clean drinking water."

LNW thanks for their support!

Cafe Auszeit - Ebbs

The Cafe Auszeit in Ebbs in Tirol/Austria supports LNW with a water-donation!

LNW thanks for the support!

Helping Hand Tattoo

In the Mosquito Tattoo Studio in St. Veit/Glan, for a good cause it`s possible to engrave a "Helping Hands Tattoo". 

You can find more information here hier.

LNW thanks for the support!

Philipp Steinek

With his contribution "Water is a human right" Philipp, our member was among the top 100 in the "Frank Stronach ideas competition" in Vienna!

The entire team of LNW would like to thank Philip Steinek for his support and the generous donation.

Hotel Maximilian - Ehenbichl/Tirol

The Hotel Maximilian in Ehenbichl in Tirol/Austria hosted a New Year's raffle and donated the proceeds to a "Life needs Water" well project.

LNW would like to thank all involved!

BAKIP, FW and HLW Mistelbach

The students and teachers of the BAKIP, FW and CPR Mistelbach by organizing a healthy school breakfast and running a fundraising, succeeded in collecting €3135.- for a water well project in Africa.

"Life needs Water" would like to thank all the students for their committment for the best ever school event in Mistelbach.

REWE Lower Bavaria

Five REWE stores in Lower Bavaria distributed cake for a voluntary donation. With this campaign they collected €7.000.- which were donated to a "Life needs Water" well project.  

LNW would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment!

Soroptimists Wels

The Soroptimist Ladies in Wels organised a vernissage whose proceeds amounting to €26.000, - were given to a good cause a "Life needs Water" well project.

We would like to thank all those involved!

Elisabeth Schweizer

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, music teacher

(Carinthia / Liebenfels)

Supports with the song "Heaven on Earth". THANK YOU!

MGV Eisenbahnerchor

Conductor: Josef Oberdorfer
(Carinthia/St. Veit an der Glan)

Supported with a concert appearance. THANK YOU!

Friedrich Fellegger

Atelier 53, Freelance artist, painter 
(Carinthia/St. Veit an der Glan)

Donation of a picture. THANK YOU!

The Haydn Akademy

Conductor: Anton Gabmayer

Supports with a Water-Concert. THANK YOU!

Monika Pototschnig-Loibner

Freelance artist
(Carinthia/Maria Saal)

Donation of a picture. THANK YOU!

Trachtenkapelle Glandorf/St. Donat

Leader: Oswin Stuck
Chairman: Thomas Zechner 
(Carinthia/St. Donat, Glandorf) 

Supported with an appearance. THANK YOU!

Anna-Maria Kaiser

Carinthian dialect poet, author, musician and songwriter, 
Moderator, journalist. 

Text for a water song. THANK YOU!

Caffe Latte - Wien

Caffè Latte donates 100% of the proceeds for a glass of water to the LNW association. This project is intended as an aid to self-help and for thousands of people ensures access to clean drinking water.
The donations flow into a well drilling project for the village Mihungani in Northern Tanzania.

Caffè Latte gives a monthly update on the donation status and they at their own costs will be present on site at the well inauguration.

"Life needs Water" would like to thank all the people involved and the guests of caffelatte - Vienna for their support.

Donations per 31.12.2013: 13572.90 EUR

 Donaction account USA: „Life needs Water“ Inc. Bank of America Ko. Nr. 446029119895
 Donation account Austria: Kärntner Sparkasse IBAN AT382070604400XXXXXX BIC KSPKAT2K
 Donation account Germany: Sparkasse Bad Tölz–Wolfratshausen IBAN DE587005430600XXXXXXXX BIC BYLADEM1WOR