Donation instead of birthday present

We already have vast numbers of consumer products in our society. So instead of a birthday present, why don`t you donate a couple of euros?

These people together with LNW are already setting a good example.

Johannes Wendelin`s Birthday Party

For Mr Johannes Wendelin 40th birthday a super party was held in Radfeld, Tirol. On this occasion the party guests made donations to LNW for the implementation of a well project. We say Thank You!

Gabriele Stuck`s Birthday Party

On the occasion of her 50th Birthday Gabriele Stuck wished to have donations for a well in the village of Sinja,Tanzania instead of gifts! A big thank you to all who accepted her invitation and with their attendance made the party a real experience.  Amidst the guests were among others the "Trachtenkapelle St. Donat", the Railway Choir, and Anne Marie Kaiser, the dialect poet who with their performances made the evening a huge success. THANK YOU!

Dr. Heinz Stiefelmeyer`s Birthday Party

For his 50th birthday party Dr. Heinz Stiefelmeyer had invited his guests to a midsummer tour in the Wachau. He asked his guests to refrain from giving presents but instead to make a donation to a "Life needs Water" well project.  In this way the donations from the Austrian water engineers and other party guests assured the financing for the construction of a well in the Hai Technical Training centre in the Kilimanjaro District, Tanzania 

We would like to thank you all for your support!

 Donaction account USA: „Life needs Water“ Inc. Bank of America Ko. Nr. 446029119895
 Donation account Austria: Kärntner Sparkasse IBAN AT382070604400XXXXXX BIC KSPKAT2K
 Donation account Germany: Sparkasse Bad Tölz–Wolfratshausen IBAN DE587005430600XXXXXXXX BIC BYLADEM1WOR