Project "Water & Business for Africa"

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LNW „Life needs water” is an international relief organization who has specialized in the construction of drinking water wells in countries with water scarcity.  The association`s team faces the challenge of implementing water projects, in regions, with extreme water shortage.

We need your support

In order to provide long-term and sustainable help to people in arid countries, we need your support for our new "Campus of Water & Solar Technology" project in Namibia.

Young people in Africa will receive vocational training in Well Construction & Photovoltaic Energy under the guidance of European professionals on this campus.

The prospective well-makers & photovoltaic specialists will receive all the necessary knowledge for the practical implementation of water supply systems and sanitary facilities in Africa with the planned program, in addition to a sound vocational education.

With the knowledge they have learned, they subsequently have the opportunity to do a franchise training. After a successful graduation, the specialists are in a position to handle orders in their own country properly and independently as LNW franchise partners.

Education is the key to success

It is important for us as an educational and training organization to commit to providing courses for local specialists.

Once completed under European supervision, they will be able to become self-employed in their own country.

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