Project „Water & Business for Africa“

Dear LNW friends and members!

We are very pleased to announce that in the summer of 2018 we will be able to implement another training program in Austria. With
the project "Water & Business for Africa", five LNW graduates will once again receive an internship abroad according to European
standards in Carinthian specialist companies for electrical engineering, machine locksmith and plumber. Special thanks to the office
of the Carinthian Provincial Government which supported us with a grant and made this training possible.

Education is the key to success in order to be able to act as a professional service provider in the long term. For Life needs Water, as
an educational and training organizationit is important for us to undertake courses for local specialists. Once completed as a franchisee
under European supervision, they should be able to become self-employed. By drilling wells, selling and producing solar pumps and the
revenues they generate, Life needs Water can guarantee and secure the long-term economic success of our projects.

Fundraising concepts are currently unknown in Africa and are not yet comprehensible and feasible for young African entrepreneurs
without the support of experts. In order to be able to successfully introduce the planned business model on a franchise basis in
Tanzania, many years of training and support from European experts are essential. In order for the LNW business model to be
professionally implemented by the local young entrepreneurs, a placement abroad is a valuable input and an important component
of the training model.

An entrepreneurial activity in cooperation with the company "PUMPMAKERS Africa" especially in the first three years is only possible
under the guidance of European experts. After three years of in-service training by European experts from the water industry and
solar technology, a franchise partnership with PMA is to be realistically implemented for the budding young entrepreneurs. A franchise
system in the water & photovoltaic business as a new business idea for Africa represents a good opportunity for young Africans to
become independent and successful entrepreneurs in the future.



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