The year slowly comes to the end and the team our organisation "Life needs Water" is glad that we can look back successful about 2014!

The LNW-activities of the last year were only possible with the support of special people for which the element WATER has a high value and which are be ready to share their own WATER-Luck with others.

Our sponsors & well-god-fathers and volunteers of LNW!

On this way we would like to give a short overview to our activities in 2014 to our friends of LNW and thank warmly for your support!

LNW 2014 - finished well-god-father-projects:

Well-god-fathers are special people which are deliberate their own richment of access to clean water and they dispose of the human size this wealth does not arrange itself for people with those available one to placed.

LNW thanks all well-god-fathers of 2014 for the water-sponsoring!!!!


Hausmann & Rieger – MABUGINI well

Kuno Leu – TP MAWENI well

Monika Pototschnig - TP MAWENI well

BAKIP, FW / HLWA Mistelbach - TP - Kandesche well

ZT Büro Paikl – TP Kandesche

Landjugendprojekt Oberösterreich – MAKUMIRA well

„Wasser für die Welt“ – well

Kärntner Landesregierung – NARIVA well


LNW-Education programme

The boys & girls which have passed their 3-year education with excellent success, are taken up in 2015 by a German well drilling enterprise as trainees and are further trained to well drillers.


Hellena Nassary – Study Officemanagement

Rachel Mungure – Study Officemanagement

Fortunatus Faustinuss – Education as a Car-Mechanic

Elerahim Manjaka – Education as a Car-Mechanic

Alex Nnko - Education as a Welder


The Boys and Girls of our education-programm like to thank warmly our LNW-Sponsor Mr. Peter from Austria for the big chance for WATER - EDUCATION - WORK and also for his financiall support!!! (he wants to be anonym)



Wels for Africa

On July 4th 2014 there was a multi-cultural Africa-event in WELS – Austria with a lot of artists from water-rich and water-poor countries under the management of Renate Pyrker and Dieter Grünberger.

The event with the motto "Wels for Africa" was used to establish a fountain in the village Ormoto near the Serengeti of Tanzania with the net proceeds of the event.

We thank all event guests for your visit and the volunteers warmly for your vigorous support.

Following well-god-father-projects are in preparation:


Wels for Africa Festival -- Wels for Ormoto

Caffe Latte - Restaurants - WIEN -- Mihungani Brunnen

Company Welzhofer -- Sinja Well 1

St. Leonhard Spring -- Sinja Well 2

Hotel - Hochfilzer -- Maweni Well

Knorr Bremse Stiftung -- Kongni school-project

Mr. Kuck -- Marom


The LNW-Team want's to thank warmly all sponsors for the support on this way. The conversion of the well projects and the financing of the training programmes for young well drillers have become only possible because for our work of valuable people like you was promoted.

The whole LNW-Team wish all sponsors a healthy and successful year 2015!

We warmly invite you to visit our homepage under and to contact us for further information or questions.

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